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Welcome to Contractors Services Unlimited Inc. (CSU Florida),

where our commitment to excellence in construction and client satisfaction defines who we are. Under the leadership of Ian Harbajan, a seasoned professional who brought his expertise from New York to the vibrant Florida construction scene, CSU Florida has established itself as a reputable leader in the industry.

About our Founder

Ian Harbajan, our founder and the driving force behind CSU Florida, transitioned into the Florida construction market after forging a strategic partnership with a local developer. A hands-on leader, Ian quickly mastered the intricacies of the Florida construction industry, earning his General Contractor (CGC) license in late 2020. Finding great satisfaction in seeing a project come to fruition and customers delighted, his enthusiasm for working with people and building strong relationships with his teams and subcontractors have made him an invaluable partner for any project.

What We Do

At CSU Florida, we specialize in a diverse array of construction services. From transforming commercial plazas and developing large-scale residential complexes to crafting perfect home extensions and conducting comprehensive repairs and remodels of industrial and institutional facilities, our project portfolio is as broad as it is detailed. We take pride in our ability to manage significant projects across Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, working closely with municipal bodies and private sector clients alike.

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Our Approach

Our operational excellence stems from a carefully curated network of specialized subcontracted crews, each expert in their respective fields. This ensures not only the highest quality of workmanship but also the adaptability to meet diverse construction needs. Ian's personal involvement in every project—from planning to execution—ensures that all operations are aligned with our core values of integrity, dedication, and transparency.

Our Commitment

At CSU Florida, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance with licensing, insurance, and bonding requirements, especially for high-value projects. This rigorous adherence to legal and ethical standards secures not just our projects but also

our client's trust and peace of mind.  

Our license information is available Here

Our CSU Florida DBA registration Here

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